Cultivate loyal guests that become brand ambassadors for your property with OneView Media Solution


We offer a wide range of platform options for hotels looking to buy new TVs or get more from their existing ones. We support integrated TV options through LG and Samsung that require no set-top box. Integrated options reduce cost, reduce in room cabling requirements and simplify engineering responsibilities for the hotel. GuestTek can provide a number of set-top box options for your existing televisions, so your TVs do not need replacing. Our relationships with the world’s largest TV manufacturers presents you with offers in the latest TV models and innovations to upgrade your property televisions at any time.


GuestTek has product offerings that support both Cat5, Fiber and Coax infrastructures.

Easy to Navigate User Interface

Our easy to navigate user interface (UI) gives guests access your property’s information, services and entertainment. Our user interface is designed to adapt to meet your hotel’s profile with your graphic chart and logotype. A full suite of features provides hotels with a wide range of options.

Communicating Directly With Your Guest just Got Easier!

Guest messaging gives you the ability to increase your property’s marketing and branding efforts. Broadcast general information and add a personal touch to each guest’s room, making them feel more welcomed with personalized introductory messages. Give your guests more with hotel information and the services your property offers for its guests.
  • Graphics and Fonts
  • Customizable Themes
  • Navigation Menu
  • Hotel Messaging
  • Advertising space

Built-in Content Management

GuestTek’s extensive content library allows hotels to offer a wide variety of movie and programming options. Hotels can also include custom marketing and promotional videos through their UI in many presentation formats.