About us

The GuestTek executive team is a group of individuals who have always portrayed the strengths of being global while thinking local. Diversity and equality have always been at the forefront of our values and we believe that an inclusive culture starts from the top. That is why the GuestTek executive team is comprised of men and woman from all around the globe. This passionate group of team players bring with them unique backgrounds and life experiences that collectively make up the GuestTek story.

In 1996, Arnon founded GuestTek and has since led GuestTek’s global vision and growth. Also known around GuestTek as “Serial Entrepreneur”, Arnon launched his first successful T-shirt business in high school. This entrepreneurial spirit has led him to win several innovative and business awards and recognition throughout his career. As a recognized pioneer in hotel room technology, he has worked to ensure GuestTek delivers consistent technology solutions around the world. His passionate approach continues to pave the way to success of GuestTek’s solutions as he continues to play a key role in GuestTek’s vision and product development.
Kate is an inherent problem solver, constantly looking to improve GuestTek’s global standing. 23 years of experience in the finance industry has allowed her to help navigate GuestTek as a leader in a very competitive market. Kate leads by example, and her no nonsense, straight forward approach has helped innovate the company’s services and customer relations. Kate’s vision and dedication has built a strong and diversified leadership team, which she believes is paramount in ensuring the organization understands and embraces the changing needs of the hospitality industry. Kate’s ability to think about individual customer needs while always keeping the big picture in mind is a major contributor to GuestTek’s success with our customer base and large brands alike.
Don has been a key member of GuestTek’s executive team since 2005. Starting his hospitality industry career as a hotel General Manager, Don has over 30 years of hotel technology experience. Don’s unmatched industry experience has earned him a reputation of honesty and integrity. Don was one of the founding members of the Hotel Technology Next Generation and helped to recruit many companies to join HTNG. Don holds dual citizenships in both the USA and European Union and has extensive experience in International Business. Known around GuestTek as “The Wolf”, based on the Winston Wolfe character the “fixer” in Pulp Fiction. Like the character, Don is a model of efficiency under pressure and a top notch manager - able to respond to any crisis with focus and grace. He is responsible for leading the global day-to-day operations of the business and its subsidiaries. Don is a strong leader who has encouraged his team to be accountable, to have a sense of urgency, and practices many of the principles in the book “Scaling Up” by Verne Harnish.
GuestTek’s very own “Serial Innovator” started his legacy at just 8 years old when he started working with programming and developed his own Bulletin Board System at age 11. Peter is the creator of the visitor-based network server in the hospitality industry and has led GuestTek’s product vision since the incorporation of the company in 1997. Peter went on to develop the first casting solution in the industry allowing guests to wirelessly cast content from their mobile device to the large TV in room. Peter’s love for travel and exploring new places has given him a passion for making technology easy for travelers. He leads a team of brilliant minds who all work hard every day to bring his vision to life not only to make GuestTek an excellent integrator but also a technology leader. Peter is constantly exploring ideas on how to help resolve the challenges experienced by our hospitality partners by always looking ahead. He focuses on continually moving GuestTek’s products further by researching into technologies such as mobile, IoT and voice control.
Zoey has been a valuable GuestTek team member for over 16 years. She brings with her passion, dedication, creativity, professionalism, and love for work and play that can also be seen in each of her team members. She is our in-house data guru who leverages her knowledge to help drive informed business decisions while maintaining and improving efficiencies. This has made her successful in taking our support organization to another level, delivering the very best in customer service while leading her team to achieve KPIs and objectives set out for them successfully. She knows how to convey her vision, and then encourage and empower her team to pursue that goal. Zoey’s knowledge of the various aspects of the business has made her an expert in juggling multiple balls in the air and always managing to exceed all goals.
Ivonne joined GuestTek in 2019 as Managing Director EMEA. With a strong track record in managing large international teams across Europe, Middle East, Africa and APAC for over 25 years, her expertise in the software and hospitality industry is recognized by many hotel chains and industry veterans. Ivonne is a result oriented professional focused on driving change, sales growth, enhance profitability and improve customer satisfaction. In summer 2020, Ivonne was appointed as Managing Director APAC in addition to her role in EMEA to accelerate growth internationally, create synergies and consistency towards international and local hotel chains.
Michael joined the GuestTek team as the very first employee in January 1998. Throughout his 20 plus year career at GuestTek, he has been an instrumental contributor to growth of the company. His long history with GuestTek has given him exposure that has helped him gain an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the business. As the VP of Business Management, Mike drives GuestTek’s product vision to ensure we are able deliver intelligent solutions around the world and meet the global requirements of a constantly changing market while staying on top of current technologies. A cycling enthusiast, you will see Mike on a bike braving -20 Celsius weather with the same joy as +20.
Eli oversees the global accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting, treasury, audits, procurement, logistics and tax filings. Eli joined the Guest Tek team in 2019 and has worked closely with Guest Tek’s senior leadership to improve the bottom line. Eli knows that Guest Tek’s long-term success is rooted in a disciplined approach to cost savings and efficiencies. Eli has over 20 years of international experience building and leading finance teams in technology companies. He continues to drive creative ideas to help create financial models for sales and understands the needs of a global market.
Neil might be one of the newest faces at the GuestTek exec table but he is well-known in the hospitality industry, leading the way in cost effective solution building while meeting brand standards and the best in guest experience for over 20 years. Neil also has a decade of voice experience working for Mitel. As GuestTek’s brand ambassador, Neil represents our dedication to our customers, our support of their technology directions whilst ensuring the brands are up to speed on what GuestTek brings to the table. By working with all hotel chains globally, he makes sure our customers have a voice in GuestTek by fully understanding their brand and owner requirements.
Based in Charleston, South Caroline, Matthew joined GuestTek in June 2021 as Vice President Sales, Americas. Matthew joined us after 28 years with Marriott International where, most recently, he was responsible for overall IT management, supporting 360+ hotels and managing a team of 150+ employees. He is well-respected for his strong work ethic, problem-solving skills and broad industry knowledge. In addition to his talent for business development, Matthew is widely known for team building, mentorship and leading with compassion and humour.
Karim joined GuestTek in March 2020 as Vice President Asia Pacific. While based in Singapore for over 10 years, he has acquired strong local expertise in several key hospitality IT and Engineering sectors such as HSIA, IPTV, Guest Room Management Systems, Service Optimization and Systems Integration. He brings with him a strong team spirit and understanding of the local needs of the region putting our customers’ needs at the forefront.