Company Values

We are One Team, we share information and knowledge across our department, across our office and across the world

We are Customer Centric in all that we do. We succeed or fail by delivering exceptional products and service to our customers

We are Empowered to do what’s needed and make the company better on a daily basis

We are Creative, we don’t follow the status quo and strive to develop new, innovative ways of approaching challenges and designing solutions for our customers.

We are Accountable to each other, our customers and to our success as a company

We are fun, we Celebrate our successes and take the time to connect with colleagues beyond just the work that needs to be completed

We are Courageous, we are not afraid to take risks but quickly learn from our mistakes and constantly improve

We are Flexible, in how we approach problems, design solutions and get work done

We are Honest with each other, our partners and our customers. We are non-political and process enables us but doesn’t limit us