OneView Internet

Offering hoteliers customized Internet solutions with the most comprehensive feature set available

A Seamless and Reliable Internet Connectivity

Today, travelers across all demographics want a fast reliable connection. These tech-savvy guests come armed with multiple devices, whether it be for business or personal needs, and expect a seamless and reliable connection throughout your property. Your network investment is not just in your guests, but in the present and future application delivery for all property systems and staff. GuestTek’s OneView Internet solution (OVI) provides fast and reliable connectivity for your property, seamlessly connecting your guests across all floors. Our High Speed Internet solution (HSIA) scales to help your property overcome increasingly complex internet and network challenges, with intelligent point of access designed to suit your guest’s applications and bandwidth needs.

OVI for Hotels

$10/ Month
  • Control
  • Visibility
  • Custom Branding and Delivery
  • Revenue Maximization

OVI for Guests

$10/ Month
  • Easy to Use
  • Multiple Access Options
  • Brand Loyalty Integration
  • Quality and Reliable Service

Why do Hotels Require Professional Internet Solutions?

Hotels accommodate high volumes of guests all trying to access the property’s Wi-Fi connection simultaneously. They expect a consistently fast and reliable connection from their guest room, lobby, restaurants, conference rooms and all other areas of your hotel. Professional grade HSIA solutions are designed to sustain the demands of high volume public environments. GuestTek’s OneView Internet gives that seamless connection to every corner of your hotel. We create custom network solutions designed exclusively to your property’s needs, allowing you to further tailor access to your guests with our web-based administration console.