A Secure Environment for your property and guests

Firewalls, Virus Protection and Redundancy?

Our custom build infrastructures give you peace of mind that we build for an IT environment, including redundant systems, back-up services, etc. Internally, we can protect guest traffic between client devices.
  1. Private IP NAT’s
  2. VLANs
  3. Client to Client Isolation

Private IP’s/NAT’s

All client devices are assigned a Private IP address to get onto the network. A Private IP address provides a form of security from internet threats because a Private IP cannot be accessed from the internet without any third-party software (ie. teamviewer or remote desktop).

VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network)

Multiple VLAN’s are created and configured on the network to segregate different areas of the property. For example, we segregate the Lobby, Meeting Space and Guest Space from one another. We implement separate VLANs for the management of all networking equipment (Switches, Firewall, Access Points) to prevent unauthorized access. We take it a bit further and separate guest wired traffic from guest wireless traffic using VLANs.

Client to Client Isolation

Client to Client Isolation is configured to protect client data from being seen by other client devices. This configuration is done on the Switch and Wireless Controller using ACLs (Access Control Lists). We generally direct all client traffic to OneView Internet (OVI).