Hotels Are Expected To Know What Travelers Want…

But expecting to know what travelers want isn’t easy!

GuestTek understands that a solution should not only be customizable to your property’s current needs, it must be customizable to your guest’s evolving needs. That’s why we make it easy to enhance your guest’s stay with the latest in free-to-guest technology and programming. Put the best entertainment and stunning imagery at their fingertips with our intuitive and easy to navigate solution. We are always committed to the highest levels of quality and service using reliable hardware and robust offerings on our networks. Adding and replacing channels or keeping up with channel moves can all be done remotely. If a channel goes down, GuestTek’s proactive monitoring team is alerted and our support center is already fixing the outage—before the hotel is aware of an issue.

Customizable to your property

Modifying your channel lineup is also easy when your free-to-guest is centrally located. With only a few clicks you can enable/disable channels and distribute the new lineup to your entire property.

Leading Global Television Providers

No matter where you are in the world, GuestTek enables you to provide the most popular premium channels, sport channels and international channels that are sure to satisfy any guest’s taste.

United States

GuestTek’s strategic relationship with DIRECTV, one of the world’s leading television providers, enhances the many benefits we provide to our customers. Whether it’s coax or IPTV, Com3000 or the DIRECTV Advanced Entertainment Platform (AEP), GuestTek supplies the DIRECTV solutions leading hotel brands want.

The World

We partner with your local satellite and cable providers to ensure your property has the best in-country channels available.

The international GuestTek FTG solution is based on a chassis design, with commercial grade equipment and backed by those companies with a proven track record in the industry.  We maintain and troubleshoot as much as possible from our remote call centers, only sending technical assistance onsite when actual hardware needs to be replaced or new equipment added.