GuestTek Increases Focus on Innovation

For over twenty years, GuestTek Interactive Entertainment Ltd. has been a global leader in hospitality technology innovation. As hotels embrace the Internet of Things (IoT), and as more guests arrive with a variety of personal devices, the hotel technology environment grows increasingly complex. To help hoteliers meet these challenges, GuestTek is proud to announce that Peter Warrick will once again take over the research and development team at GuestTek. Over the past two years, Mr. Warrick has directed the advanced technology program for GuestTek, primarily focusing on IoT and other new hotel technologies. With Peter’s return to GuestTek’s R&D team, the company will now focus on productizing the advanced technology developed. Mr. Warrick noted, “Having guided GuestTek’s research and development from the very beginning, I look forward to leading the group at this challenging and exciting moment in technology. We are in a position to shape the future of hospitality IT.” “GuestTek invests heavily in research and development; it’s at the very core of our mission,” stated Arnon Levy, President and CEO of GuestTek. “We are pleased to have Peter lead GuestTek’s development efforts and bring his Bullhead Innovations initiatives to market. Our latest advance is still a secret, but it will be released to a select few hotels very soon. GuestTek remains committed to staying ahead of the curve.” About GuestTek GuestTek® is the global leader in broadband technology and interactive solutions for the hospitality industry. Since 1997, GuestTek has partnered with hotels to maximize their property’s offerings–enhancing the brand experience, helping them generate more revenue, and giving them total confidence that they are delivering a world-class guest experience. GuestTek’s OneView™ products bundle internet, media and voice, to create a streamlined environment, continuity of guest experience and cost savings for hoteliers. The company’s head offices are in Calgary, Alberta, with major facilities in Salt Lake City, Utah and Warsaw, Poland. GuestTek has sales offices and global support operations located throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. For more information, visit www.GuestTek.com. Contact: Danise Stewart Director of Marketing, Americas info@guest-tek.com / +1 (403) 509-1010 x3395

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